We communicate that after almost four and a half years of work at DTI SEMENTES S.A., Mrs. Joyce Westmann decided to move on to new challenges and left last Friday, January 20, 2023, the company where she held the position of CFO, helping us in our strong growth and development in the period.

Joyce Westmann joined DTI SEMENTES S.A., when still opting for presumed profit, in August 2018, and leaves the company with a turnover of more than BRL 500 million.

It is with gratitude that our entire team, as well as the shareholders, DT Investimentos e Participações and Bioline Group, say goodbye to Mrs. Joyce Westmann thankful for her dedication, attention, zeal and commitment and we wish her success, happiness, and prosperity in her new ventures.

Foto do perfil de Sebastian AriasFrom the last Monday, the 23rd of January 2023, Mr. Sebastian Arias is taking the role of CFO at DTI SEMENTES S.A.

Sebastian comes from a long carrier at the financial and accounting areas at different sectors, passing by PW&C, Carl Zeiss Vision, Cooper Vision, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and the agribusiness, where he worked at Nidera, Syngenta, Indigo Ag and Demetria.

The entire team of DTI SEMENTES S.A., as well as his shareholders, DT Investimentos e Participações and Bioline Group, welcome Mr. Sebastian Arias and wish him a great integration and a long and successful journey at the company.